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Metal Jacketed Gaskets

Metal Jacketed Gaskets



Ordering Information   Material Availability
* Outside diameter
* Inside diameter
* Shape per standard index
* Type Number
* Thickness
* Materials (metal or metal filler)
* Bar size
* Radii
* Distance from centre line of gasket to centre line of bars
  Jacket Materials
Soft Iron, Soft Steel, Stainless Steel 304, 321, 316, 410, Copper, Brass, Monel, Chrome, Aluminium, Incoloy, Titanium, Inconel, Nickel.
  Soft Fillers
Non Asbestos Milboard, CAF, Rubber, Woven Asbestos, PTFE, ‘Graflex’ Exfoliated Graphite, Asbestos.

mjg-type105 Type 105
Double Jacketed Corrugated
— soft filler

Improvement on type 100. Reduced contact area, enhances compression characteristics, suitable for uneven flanges.
mjg-type106 Type 106
Double Jacketed Corrugated
— metal filler

Usually stainless outer casing with soft iron filler ring.
Core material available St. St. -304.316L.321
Soft iron, Monel, Inconel
mjg-type107 Type 107
Single Corrugated
— asbestos rope filler

Typically used on very poor or pitted flanges, low bolt loading requirement.
mjg-type108 Type 108
Metal Jacket Laminates
— soft filler

Combines flexible graphite with stainless steel core material
mjg-type109 Type 109 and 110*
Solid metal ring machined on each contact face to provide a serrated surface finish covered with Graphite.
PTFE Nonas or Asbestos.
mjg-type100 Type 100
Double Jacketed – soft filler
Similar to Type 105 used on high temperature pressure applications or where corrosion problems may exist
mjg-type101 Type 101
Single Jacketed – metal filler
– partly enclosed

Very seldom used, oild design . Used in applications where poor or pitted flanges exist on one facing.
mjg-type102 Type 102
Single Jacketed – Soft filler
– partly enclosed

Similar to Type 100, less able withstand higher pressure. Used on narrow flanges where Type 100 unsuitable
mjg-type103 Type 103
Single Jacketed – Soft filler
– open outside edge

Used in narrow flanges, protection of filler calered for by casing
mjg-type104 Type 104
Single Corrugated – no filler
Used mainly in valve applications, small recess gap. Sometimes referred to as Taylor ring.